Select a package that suits your needs

Anyone can join C-World as an agent or dealer and sell C-World products for a limitless profit. This bundle is the ideal way to begin your journey.


  • Coinvest Money - Use a mobile account to perform transactions and make payments. For ATM withdrawals, you can also pay using a specific physical card.

  • C-Mobile - Use the CMobile SIM Card to connect to mobile communication. Use the cheapest data, airtime, bulk email, and SMS solutions available.

  • E-Learning - Learn and master any subject at your own pace for a small portion of the price of a traditional education.

  • Careers - Get the dream position that best suits your abilities and capabilities by searching from a wide range of employers in a variety of fields.

  • News - Know the world around you and keep abreast of news, opinions and current affairs.

  • Talk - Talk privately with loved ones, friends, and acquaintances using your own chat program.

  • Knowledge Base - Get familiar with the layout of academic institutions. Removing false information will make the registration and application processes go more smoothly. Understand precisely what you must do in your coursework to finish your study

  • Donations - Raise money for the causes that are most important to you personally. Launch a campaign to raise money for something, such as a new business venture or a temple, mosque or church renovation.

  • Bursaries and Scholarships - Apply for financial aid so you can pursue your goals in education and higher learning.

  • Mail - Get a free, private and secure email account for life.

  • Opportunities - Earn money through Coinvest Opportunities to strengthen your financial position. Profit from commissions on Coinvest product sales as well as regular monthly income dependent on the number of customers you bring on board and the items you sell.

  • Marketplace - Buy, Sell and trade goods and services at favourable prices.

  • On Demand Services - Do you possess any special talents or trade skills? Would you be interested in receiving payment for your services? The answer for you is on-demand services.