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C-World is a one-stop digital gateway made up of unique offerings and digital super services to delight your life. There are money and payment services, data deals, rewards and benefits, inexpensive educational resources, career prospects, learning materials and content for students as well as job opportunities: all in one place.


C-World is an innovative digital super gateway that offers a wide range of applications and services to its customers. We are able to provide users with a variety of applications that can be used for different purposes such as Money & Payments, Jobs Searches, Student Products, Professional Advise, Benefit & Rewards Schemes, & News Media. Our applications and digital services are designed to be available across different platforms and devices. C-World also offers different levels of customer service, ranging from basic support to specialised. We also take advantage of powerful in house developed technologies to deliver the best user experience to customers. All this makes C-World a great choice for customers who are in need of the most modern application services and technologies all in one place.